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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ever noticed those "get it at Duke" buttons in Wikipedia?

If not, you might consider installing the LibX browser extension for Duke Libraries.  This browser plug-in will enable you to do many things, one of which is to see the references listed in Wikipedia that Duke subscribes to.  Simply click the "get it at Duke" icon that appears beside the reference and in many cases, you'll be taken to the full-text of the article or report.

And there are other cool things that the LibX tool bar will help you do:
  • Search Duke's online catalog, e-journals, articles, databases, Google Scholar, WorldCat, or library web pages directly from your browser 
  • Search for names, terms or citations on a web page in Duke Library resources, Google Scholar, WorldCat, or the library web site simply by highlighting and right clicking
  • Quickly view the library web site, Ask a Librarian, the Duke online catalog, your library account, and more
Unfortunately, the LibX browser extension may only be installed for Firefox and Internet Explorer -- no word on plans to develop LibX for Safari or Chrome. 

Other thoughts about using LibX?  Let us know!

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