The Instruction and Outreach Department manages and coordinates library research instruction for students, faculty and staff through course-related workshops, outreach activities, personal consultations, research guides and other instructional materials.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Field Experience Students

This semester, we are doubly fortunate to have two UNC library school students doing field studies in Instruction & Outreach. Alice Whiteside and Julie Adamo are spending the semester immersing themselves in the work that we do, and bringing their energy, enthusiasm and good spirits to our department.

Alice is in her final semester at SILS, and also works at the Sloane Art Library at UNC. Her master’s paper is looking at new models of library instruction. Julie is finishing up her master’s paper on patient memoirs in ARL library collections, while also working at Ipas, a women’s health nonprofit in Chapel Hill. These are two busy librarians.

As part of their field experience, Julie and Alice are helping with usability testing using the Morae software, doing an environmental scan of library instruction tutorials and updating some of our own tutorials, observing library instruction sessions, and contributing to this blog as well as to Library Hacks. They are also researching new technologies and their use for library instruction and giving presentations about those technologies at Instruction & Outreach staff meetings. Look for their technology reports in this blog over the next few months.

We are delighted that Alice and Julie are working in Instruction & Outreach, and we’re grateful to UNC SILS for managing such an efficient and useful field experience program (thanks to Stephanie Peterson and Jeff Pomerantz!)

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